There are many special moments that happen all throughout your wedding day. When you think of some of the moments you are excited about, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s getting ready with all your girls, walking down the aisle, or even the cake smash…I mean cake cutting! Today, I will share my top favorite emotional moments on wedding days! You may want to get a tissue box!

One of many favorite moments on a wedding day is when a mom or someone really close to the bride helps get her into her dress. Oftentimes, the bridesmaids are out wedding in the next room so they can do the first look. So it’s just the bride getting into her dress with the help of the woman who has had the greatest impact on her life! Normally there is this sweet moment once the dress is on filled with happy tears and smiles! This is such a special moment because this person getting you into your dress has helped prepare you for many things in life, and now they are with you helping prepare you for a very special day…your wedding!

From Georgia Wedding Photographer, Forever Love Photography | Tamela Hall

Weddings are full of emotional moments, and I love capturing them for my couples. There are plenty of well-known emotional moments like walking down the aisle or the kiss, but there’s another moment that gets missed.
For me, one of the best emotional moments is when the father of the bride sees her for the first time. It’s such a special relationship and that moment is guaranteed to be a big one, for the father and also for the bride. Often, though, photographers will miss that moment because it happens right before they walk down the aisle. Lately, I’ve been setting up a separate first look with the father, so we can get photos of that emotional moment.

From Georgia Wedding Photographer, Forever Love Photography | Tamela Hall

“ My favorite shot is always the one where genuine emotions or feelings are captured. It could be laughter, tears of joy, or when their eyes met and you had your camera ready.  The best part is that it lasted probably 2 seconds and I am happy I was there to capture it! “

From Georgia Wedding Photographer, Forever Love Photography | Tamela Hall

I adore all the little in-between moments throughout a wedding day – whether it’s tears of joy, lots of laughter, or just simple smiles. These moments of the grandma and her grandson | granddaughter is a top favorite. Even with all the details and colors, this image brought me back to the importance of all those in-between moments. This is a moment that I am thankful is frozen in time for the entire family to look back on forever. What a beautiful and joyful moment! 

From Georgia Wedding Photographer, Forever Love Photography | Tamela Hall



Another one of my favorite parts of the day is the first time the bride and groom see each other! Whether it’s at a first look or walking down the aisle this is ALWAYS a sweet moment. It’s always so special to see a bride or groom get emotional when they see their “almost spouse” for the first time that day because you can feel the love and commitment they share. It’s also just as special for couples they don’t get as visibly emotional (this was totally me as a bride) I love being able to see the anxiety and anticipation melt off their shoulders once they lock eyes! You can see how they put each other at ease and are filled with joy and excitement to get married!  “When it comes to the emotion you absolutely can’t miss the first time you see your partner on your wedding day. This day is about *you guys*, what could be more important? Everything has led up to this moment. The day you met each other, all those ridiculous inside jokes, hard days, and times you’ve supported each other – they led you right to this moment. You’re getting married, and the day is getting real now! If I had to pick just one moment to capture, it would have to be this one.”

Above photo and text by Georgia Wedding Photographer, Forever Love Photography | Tamela Hall

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