meet your ASSOCIATE photographer

hello lovely

This gorgeous young lady is Caitie. God brought Caitie into my life about a year ago. She officially joined FLP in September and has been a vital asset to the team. She is our dedicated second shooter and is now working as an associate as well. 

Caitie has an amazing eye for detail and a heart of pure gold. She's very laid back and personable. If you have her at your wedding or portrait session you will love her just as much as I do. 

Photos taken by Caitie

we believe

God should be the center of marriage, and marriage is more important than the wedding. The wedding is just the beginning of a beautiful life together. 

How we got our business name?
After months of prayer we realized that when it comes to life and marriage that God's love is an everlasting love and when He anoints the marriage of two souls, that is also meant to be an everlasting love. We decided on using the word Forever instead of everlasting and Forever Love Photography was born. 

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